Emergency Rule – Rhode Island Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board (CRLB)

An emergency rule of Rhode Island CRLB went into effect this morning “in response to the State of Emergency issued by the Governor.”  The rule seeks “limit in-person contact while continuing to efficiently administer the CRLB statutes, rules, and regulations.  This Emergency Rule shall remain in effect until such time as the State of Emergency is lifted.” For more, please see the CRLB website.

In substance, this emergency rule confirms that the CRLB remains open for business.  It is accepting applications for new licenses and registrations as well as renewals of the same by mail or deposited in its new, on-site drop boxes at its office.  To the extent a new or renewing applicant requires an examination or educational training, which cannot be completed during the RI State of Emergency, the applicant may apply for a temporary waiver for examination or educational training.   Note that any registration or license issued with a waiver will expire 90 days after the State of Emergency is lifted in Rhode Island.  Importantly, the CRLB will waive late fees for renewals until June 1, 2020 and has extended the time frame to become licensed (applicable to home inspectors, commercial roofers, well drillers/pump installers/water-filtration contractors) until May 1, 2020 (a one month extension from April 1, 2020).  The CRLB will consider extending these dates as appropriate.

With respect to inspections, the CRLB’s inspectors are continuing to conduct inspections of unoccupied buildings and occupied buildings if possible pursuant to a modified protocol using FaceTime, photos, video, or Zoom.  Similarly, the CRLB’s alternative dispute resolution sessions and emergency hearings (to the extent a registrant or licensee is acting to the detriment of the health, welfare, and safety of the general public) will proceed using remote means whenever possible.  All other timely filed appeals and requests for hearings (e.g. expungements) are stayed until the State of Emergency is lifted.

To read the CRLB’s emergency rule in its entirety, which consists of amendments to existing CRLB regulations, please follow this link.